Our commitment in bicycle service is to expertly repair or maintain your bike in the least possible time so you can get back to your ride, but our philosophy of how to get there might differ from what you know.  We feel tailoring your repair or maintenance to what you really need today and, in the future, best serve your unique needs.

Many services we offer can be done quickly and inexpensively where others require more so we urge you to bring your bike in so we can assess it and chat about what it may need.  We want to take care of your bike from the small repair to get you back on the road to the significant routine maintenance intended to protect the investment you’ve made in your fun and fitness.

Sometimes this means a “tune-up” on one bike is airing the tires and lubing the chain over 15 minutes for minimal cost where a “tune-up” on another may dictate the bike stay in the shop or that we perform a quick repair, then plan for a future return so we can perform time-consuming or costly maintenance on a timeframe that fits your schedule.  We know the difference between those two bikes and we want to do only what you and the bike need.

We will always assess the repair options for your bike while you wait and at no charge, unless your busy schedule means you’d prefer to leave the bike so we can get back to you with options to bring your bike down if you think it needs anything.